Questioning Faith Resources


The following books and lectures tackle the VERY DIFFICULT subject of faith in God in a post modern world, respectfully and concisely.

The Reason for God – Tim Keller

Questioning Christianity – Sermon Series – an AMAZING group of lectures where REAL questions are tackled and discussed

Who Is This Man? – John Ortberg

The Divine Conspiracy – Dallas Willard (I LOVE Willard’s writings and talks, but he was a philosophy professor at the University of California, so he does dive pretty deep! 🙂

MANY talks on Believing in God, Faith, and Jesus by Ravi Zacharias – click here to go to the list of talks and listen for free to his MANY podcasts on the subject of faith.  His Podcast is called “Let My People Think”


There are so many more!! If you want to send me a message with specific questions about resources or if you are looking for a specific topic, please don’t hesitate to message me!


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