Movement of Time


 Camera 360

I haven’t yet spoken on my blog about my ongoing battle with depression. I have been struggling off and on for 15+ years now (Wow! That’s a LOT of time!). Being a complete perfectionist kind of comes with the territory. That was why I was inspired to start this blog ~ To allow myself to share in my struggles, fears, and failures. To allow myself to ‘Be Ordinary’; flawed.

          This is a phrase that came to me a few months ago when I was in the depths of a very bad depression. I wrote it down & keep it with me always in case I need reminding! (Which is often)

(If you can’t quite make it out, it says: The Me I am today is not the me I will be tomorrow, Time moves on & I will piggyback on the wind of change, on the movement of time)

Sometimes it was only this movement of time that kept me going!

Blessings on those who are struggling with mental illness! It is my prayer that you will find relief. Slowly, but surely!

Becoming Ordinary: Day 12


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