Leave the Paint!


Today I had to make the conscious choice to ‘leave the paint’!

What, you may ask, does that mean?

As my family and I sat down to dinner, I noticed that the egg carton paint trays that I had used for this afternoon’s craft had quite a bit of paint left in them. When doing the craft earlier this afternoon, I had asked the kids what colours they wanted to paint with, so I could pour the paint into the small, egg-shaped cups, not wanting to waste any. However, one of my little ‘crafters’ must have wanted some different colours while I wasn’t available (I am giving them the benefit of the doubt!) and so proceeded to pour the desired colours themselves. What was needed for the current craft would’ve been a penny or even a dime sized amount of paint. Instead the paint was more like a handful of change (have I lost you with my analogy?).

It wasn’t until this moment at dinner, that I noticed the excess paint in the cups. While huffing and puffing, I grab the bottles of paint and begin to expound (to my husband) on the exact rules that I had put into place regarding the paint. I unscrewed the lid of the brown, and grabbed a small spoon to aid in siphoning the paint back into the bottle.

Brown – done.

Yellow – done.


What? But doesn’t the old saying state: Waste not. Want not!


But I finally splurged on the full pack of Crayola brand paint with all of the colours and I want them to last!


You mean, just sit down, eat dinner and enjoy the company of my beautiful family?

Let go of perfect.

Stop at yellow.

And I did. 🙂

Becoming ordinary: Day 3


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