What does GOD think of ME?


(Original Blog piece somehow got DELETED – so after many deep and heavy sighs, a few tears (not gonna lie!)  I am going to proceed and post this QUICKLY typed draft from memory – because this blog is about LETTING GO OF PERFECT – and 0enjoy being ORDINARY!)


Today I was asked a question that I’m not normally asked. I was asked what I thought God thought of me. And I would like to say that I answered everything that my childhood beliefs have taught me, that he is loving, forgiving, merciful and graceful. But sadly, that was not the case. No, my description of what God thinks of me was closer to a removed father, looking disappointed, with a few ‘tsk’’s and and shrug – feeling bad that such a promising life has turned out so wacked.

So I was issued a challenge to re-frame or re-think what God thinks of me. And the task, which is probably the most difficult one for a recovering perfectionist  was- DO nothing! Just observe. Observe what a healthy father/daughter relationship looks like.

So this evening, as I sat down to dinner with my husband and my daughter, I began to observe. A father who seemed thrilled with his daughters attention. I watched as they laughed, talked, he listened, she told stories, asked questions as her Daddy did his best to answer them. But above all, I noticed the face of a little girl who shone brighter than the evening sun that was streaming through our livingroom window.

I want to be that little girl, knowing, accepting and resting in the love of a doting Heavenly Father!

Becoming Ordinary: Day 9


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