What Inspires Me?


(blog collage by me 🙂

I’ve been ‘surfing’ online for a while tonight, wondering if I would be inspired to share something on my blog (apart from other people’s AMAZING photo’s and quotes). I started to feel a little bit blue about this blog journey, simply because I know I have something to share – I’m just not sure what it is yet! 🙂

But during my searching, I came across a page that will seriously change the way I view blogs forever! Woman, of all ages, using their blogs to heal, explore, offer encouragement, share in loss, and above all, offer hope that we are NOT alone!

Whatever your struggle, whatever your loss, whatever your message – continue to share WITHOUT JUDGEMENT (of self or others) – as, I am sure, there is someone sitting on the other end of their computer feeling lost in their struggles until they find YOU!

It is through my willingness to be ordinary (NOT PERFECT) that I uncover how alike we are. Not alone. But together, getting stronger!

Becoming Ordinary: Day 10

Check out these amazing, inspiring women for yourself:




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