Black and White


          I have actually been doing quite well this week. I feel like I am finally beginning to find balance. Balance between effort and just being, love and chastisement, being ‘out there’ and hibernation, effort and rest.

         Above all, I’m learning that the ‘extremes’ that I have lived my life by continue to have rippling consequences. The moral ‘right’ is not always as black and white as I have made it. Is it possible that what I think is the ‘right’ thing to do could actually be damaging, not just on myself, but on those I love?

         I have always seen most issues as being ‘black and white’. There is right and there is wrong; there is the right thing to do and the wrong thing to do; the healthy and the unhealthy. For the most part this type of thinking has aided me in pursuing my dreams, motivated me in difficult times, and guided my actions. However, I am beginning to see that it has been my own interpretation of the facts that I have been living from. Furthermore, my own views have been skewed and coloured by my experiences.

A classic example:

        In almost every Psych 101 class (or possibly Philosophy) a professor will often demonstrate the idea of perspective by presenting the students with the following picture and simply ask them: What do you see?

Many people will say: A young beautiful woman with her head turned.


Many others will say: The profile of an old woman.

          Is it possible that my black and white mentality could be an issue just like this simple black and white drawing? I might be making the choices that, at first glance, appear as noble and as morally beautiful as the young woman. However, if I take the time to explore my initial evaluation, I may uncover a more complex, and possibly wiser, choice, more similar to that of the elderly woman.

Becoming Ordinary: Day 21



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