The Incredible Shrinking Women (yes, plural)!




I watched this video this morning (posted on and I just had to share this. If you can get past the gasps, uh-huh’s, and the groovy beatnik snapping, there is an incredibly potent and inwardly explosive message this young woman delivers. (Performed at the College National Poetry Slam 2013, Bernard College, New York.)


Why are we all shrinking? And by ‘we all’, I mean most women. And if we aren’t shrinking, why are we all dreaming about it?This poem ignites in me a passion against this damaging, tightly gripped ideal that we absorb while growing up: To be a beautiful woman, I have to be skinny. To be liked, I have to be skinny. To be envied, I have to be skinny. To realize my true potential, I have to be skinny.


How amazing is it when she shares that she can’t remember today’s lecture as she was too preoccupied thinking about whether she should have a second slice of pizza!Doesn’t that make you ANGRY!  WHY are we constantly buying these lies! My heart aches for other women, and yes, even for myself; we have bought into the lie, that to be loved, we must be small.


Best selling Author Glennon, speaks about this anger on her blog:

Angry is okay when you’ve spent your entire damn life trying to become as small and insignificant as possible. Even though you KNOW that’s a lie. Even though you are HUGE, and you know it. But you are afraid to really be HEARD. Because since you are a woman – you have to choose between being HEARD and LOVED. And you choose loved. You have always chosen Loved. I just want to be loved. I’ll give the rest up


How do we even fight this closely held, sacred system of belief?

First step: Awareness.

Second step: Spread the knowledge.

Third step: Eat a piece of pizza!!


Becoming Ordinary: Day 69


Lily Myers, performing for Wesleyan University at the 2013 College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational. This poem was awarded Best Love Poem at the tournament.


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