life    It has been quite a while since my last post, and my head has been buzzing with ideas, of what I would like to write about, what I am learning, what fresh insights God is showing me… However, my hubby is finally taking some time off, so instead of hunching over my computer, trying desperately to put pen to paper, or iron out my thoughts, we’ve been enjoying some much needed down time; time together; time to relax and enjoy each others company.  

Although my perfectionist ways can often flare up when relaxing, ‘doing nothing’ – this Christmas, I’ve been sick. Quite sick. However, instead of complaining (which I surely did at first!) I am beginning to see it as a blessing.  It has given me ‘permission’ to just be as I am and enjoy our time together without the inner guilt trip or nasty “you should’s”.  I am doing exactly what I would like to be doing this holiday – resting, healing, laughing, and loving. With all of my heart, my prayer is that you could, in your own way, be doing the same.

On Christmas day, I started a holiday poem, modeled after “Twas the Night Before Christmas”.  It was meant to be a light reflection on the craziness of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  A craziness that seems to come every Christmas, no matter how prepared or determined we may be.  Each year it is wrapped in different scenarios and taped hurriedly with different crisis, but leaves our heads reeling nonetheless. I hope you are encouraged as you read, and are compelled to, as author Brene Brown puts it, “lean into the mess”!

Twas the day of Christmas and all through our house,

The munchkins were stirring with giggles and shouts.

The stockings, no longer, hung in their spot,

But wrappings and ribbons long revealed what was bought.

Ma, with her latte, and Dad with his grin,

Enjoyed the kids wonder, knowing where they had been,

Just a few hours back, on the eve before now,

There was work that was done, by the sweat of their brow.

A service, a band, a story to tell

Of the birth of a baby in whom God would dwell.

The planning, the set up, the families, the smiles,

The deficit of chairs that filled up the aisles!

The babes dressed in white, with red bows and red cheek,

Sang with voices raised proud, having practiced for weeks.

Ma, with the sniffles, and a voice barely there,

Still read out the story, with expression and care.

Pa, stood in front, with the good news he’d heard,

About Jesus, the babe, both in picture and word.

It came to a close as we thoughtfully sang,

Of a ‘Silent Night’, our voices they rang

Through the gym and our hearts, now warm with good cheer

Feeling God’s comfort, now present and near.

We parted our ways now to dine we would go

Off to Nana and Papa’s with our kiddies in tow.

After dining, and reading the Christmas story aloud,

The youngest played Santa, gifting presents, so proud.

Soon after the presents were opened and shared,

The clock rung out TEN and excited hearts flared

We must get the children to bed for the night

As Santa has surely began his long flight,

Delivering presents to those who are SLEEPING,

And who go to bed quickly, without any peaking.

Surprisingly tame, the kids slept without tricks,

And Mom and Dad focused on problems to fix!

Dad worked on the tablet – the main gift for our girl,

That earlier had Mom’s frazzled mind in a whirl!

An update to ‘kit kat’ had it scream to a halt,

And after hours of forums, and ‘google’ at fault,

It still was not working, so gift couldn’t be gifted,

Dad went to the task now, Mom’s stress level lifted!

Until the small matter of a wee tiny guest,

Who needed a bath, before he could rest.

So Mom, with her sister and nephew in tow,

Bathed the new kitty, from it’s head to its toe.

The clock moving onward, a persistent tick tock,

Shocked when they looked, it showed 2 o’clock!

The tablet still broken, but all else complete,

We went to bed tired, dragging our feet!

Quickly the morning came with the sun,

And it looked like old Santa had brought them more fun!

Everything was opened, the kids filled with bliss,

When Dad called to Mom, was there something amiss?

He said: “I just prayed, and now, it is working!”

The tablet, once broke, now had us both smirking!

“Quick! Wrap it up! She will be so excited!”

Both of us relieved, this wrong had been righted.

When she opened it up, so wide were her eyes,

She was now like her brother, with her very own prize!

Then together in pj’s we hopped in our car,

For breakfast with family, which wasnt too far.

We sang and we laughed as we went on our way,

“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good day!”

Becoming Ordinary: Day 135


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