IT’S 2014!! A New Year!


           IT’S 2014!! A New Year!!It has been FAR TOO LONG since I’ve done a post – and I promise you, I’ve had a few in the works. However, along with my blogging, I’ve been busy creating something else which, I’m afraid, has garnered most of my attention these days. It’s a New Year, and what better to reflect a new beginning for 2014 than a new logo and a new website!I decided to create a website (not just a blog) for Becoming Ordinary.  A website platform will allow me to share more of what inspires me (along with the written word) without having to send out a post to bother my loyal readers EVERY time I have something to share!


Here is the new website – I’d love for you to check it out and give me some feedback!


So although this post isn’t ‘deep’ – please know that it is created with a rich, full heart knowing that you have chosen to join and support me on my journey.  The bible says that God will give us beauty in the wake of ashes, a great strength to replace our fear, and a deep joy that is birthed out of our mourning.  That is my prayer for you and for myself.  That, as we walk, limp and sometimes crawl out our battlefield, we would be restored to a sense of contentment with who God made us to be, and a life, that though complex and often painful, will leave you surprisingly filled with gratitude.


Blessings and prayers,



Becoming Ordinary: Day 153


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