DEPRESSION DETOX: Time Is Ticking Away



This post is going to be a short one, as it is simply my own reflection on a statement of fact: Time moves on.

There are so many idioms within our everyday language that deal with this reality of time movement or progression: time flies when you’re having fun; beat the clock; time is money; never put off until tomorrow what can be accomplished today.  As I googled the phrase “quotes about time”, I was simply overwhelmed by the sheer number of quotes out there about this concept of time moving on. However, most statements about time emphasis the ticking of the clock and the reality that time is a limited commodity.  We should ‘seize the day’ as our individual clock continues to move – whether we like it or not.

You may be surprised when I say that this is a great comfort to me; especially when I am really struggling with my mood.  Why is that? The fact that time moves on is an incredible gift, for it means that I wont ever have to stay in a difficult moment, emotion, struggle, forever; time will continue to move on without me having to do anything.  Because of this reality, some days it is enough to just ‘piggyback’ on the movement of time, and take comfort that I wont be stuck in one particular place forever.  I had this very thought in the midst of a difficult depression last year, so I quickly wrote it down and kept it with me as a reminder and encouragement during the really difficult days:

Camera 360

The me I am today, is not the me I will be tomorrow. Time moves on, and I will piggyback on the wind of change, on the movement of time.

It is my prayer for you, that if you find yourself in a difficult trial or in deep emotional pain, that you can rest, for today, in the simple knowledge that you are not stuck in this difficult reality forever; time will continue to move.  This lyric from a song called “Hold On” (from the musical The Secret Garden), expresses my thoughts so perfectly:

What you do then is you tell yourself to wait it out

And say it’s this day, not me,

That’s bound to go away.

Child, oh hold on.

It’s this day, not you,

That’s bound to go away!



Are you struggling with depression? Click Here for resources.


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