What Inspires YOU?



What inspires you?

To answer that question, let’s first begin with a clear definition of what ‘inspire’ means.  In my sleuthing, I uncovered that it comes from the Latin word: inspirare. ‘Spirare’ meaning breathe; ‘In’ meaning into. Therefore ‘inspire’ means to breathe life into something. So I ask, what breathes life into your day?


When I am down, or feeling a little parched from one of my many wanderings in the desert, I turn to a few different things to quench my thirst and bring refreshment to my soul.  One of those things is podcasts.  I know, that doesn’t sound super spiritual or life-defining, however, through listening to podcasts, I’ve been able to supersede my fear, sadness, or whatever mood struggle I might be wrestling with, and replace it with insight and encouragment from those who have walked the very roads I am travelling or even more difficult roads than my own.  Plain and simply, they are willing to tell their story, and their clarity offers me comfort in an often muddy world.


Another thing that inspires me (sometimes) is my family.  I clarify with the word ‘sometimes’ because this isn’t always the case.  There is truly only so many shin guards, dirty socks, toys and food wrappers that I can pick up before I lose my glowing perspective of motherhood and family togetherness.  However, what does breathe life into my day is when we, as a family, make the conscious effort to slow our day down, to sit, looking at one another, and listen; something that we have been able to do far more of since I decided to take a break from working outside of the home.  Recently, my son Caedence exclaimed when we sat down to eat dinner together: “This is my favourite time of the day!” and we all agreed, Brad and I looking at each other with content and knowing smiles. Spending time together as a family, sharing hopes, dreams, fears, laughter, and prayers, has truly breathed life into my day, and joy into my soul, too many times to count.


The last thing that inspires me I often worry might, if I share wholeheartedly, turn some of you away from following my blog. God, religion, belief, faith, can all be hot topics that can cause division, frustration, or dissention; I want only to offer my sincere and honest story, and I, in turn would love to hear yours!


One source defined ‘inspire’ like this: to affect, guide, or arouse by divine influence.  From it’s inception inspiration has been used to describe a supernatural act of God – God breathing life into humanity.This life is difficult, at best, excruciating, at worst, and my faith in Jesus, at times, has been the only thing that has brought perspective to my struggles and meaning to my pain.  One of my favourite verses in the bible is also the shortest: “Jesus wept.”  I realize that is a strange verse to quote while discussing inspiration but this verse shows the one thing that is completely unique about the christian faith; we believe that God doesn’t make us work our way to him, but that He decided to come down and connect with us; including sharing in our hurts and sorrows.  I find this inspiring because if (as I believe) Jesus was God, then God chose to show his love for us in a real tangible, even experiential way.  And even HE wept while taking in the human experience. His ability to connect with those closest to him, and even to those of us two thousand years later, tells me that God knows my heart, and understands my struggles and suffering.  Furthermore, he wanted to make sure that we knew this about Him – that, to me, is the greatest inspiration of all.


So… what inspires YOU?  What breathes life into your heart and helps you to ‘stay the course’ when life gets tough?  It is my prayer that you find it, grasp it, understand it, grow it and ultimately share it!
Becoming Ordinary: Day 255


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