A YEAR of Becoming Ordinary (and I need YOU!)


Lalainia 1 year

Becoming Ordinary is A YEAR OLD (yes, that IS me in the photo)!  What am I going to do to celebrate?


(to be posted AUGUST 13, 2014)



One element that I have really missed in writing my Blog, is a kind of human interaction between myself and the reader.  Maybe my topics aren’t hitting home, maybe you have a question you think I might be able to answer, or maybe you just want to say hello and tell me some of YOUR story.   I know commenting can be intimidating, so I’ve decided for this post, I will remove the usually required name/email so people can be ANONYMOUS with their questions and comments.  Maybe MORE people will be willing to join the discussion!

(IMPORTANT NOTE: The  name and email address boxes will still appear in the comment section, however, you may  LEAVE IT BLANK  and still submit your question anonymously)


Ask, suggest, and inspire away BELOW!

I will use YOUR comments to direct my Vlog Post which I will be doing on August 13, to celebrate my 1 year Anniversary!  I can’t WAIT to hear from YOU!

Becoming Ordinary:  Day 362

Letting Go of Perfect, One Day At a Time!


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  1. I have known you Lalainia since you are two you are an angel heaven sent you are warm and fuzzy like your momma I took care of you as achild at times Lullaby My father loved t o kid with you infact we attended your beautiful wedding eventhough we don’t see each other too often you are always in my thoughts and prayers you are very blessed like I am and it is called believing in the Lord when you keep on a positive note all things are possible. thankyou for our beautiful friendship and thanks to the lo
    rd for connecting us. Love to youalways Aunty Esther


  2. One year congrats!! Here is to many more!! thanks for giving me a pick me up I usually read your blog on the way home from work! Becoming Ordinary what are 5 small ordinary things you have learned to enjoy on this time to recharge and discover what you want your life to be like! 5 things you enjoy to do! Love you Lul❤️💛💚💙💜💗


  3. Sometimes people go through things that seem to cause them to die inside, if even just a little bit at a time or something crushing. A broken spirit, a lost relationship, a sickness that, in the natural, cannot be removed. I read your article about going through deep times of doubt and finding along the journey that the Jesus you knew, really was and is the Jesus of Love, and that with that Love you would be able to find becoming normal a safe place to be. Knowing that you had ‘that’ love to carry you through. (My synopsis of your blog_) What shifted your sense of normal? What was it you felt had taken you from that sense of normality to a different place. Can you say what you felt or feel that place was?


  4. Lalainia,
    II have greatly appreciated your posts. I hardly ever read people’s blogs, even those of my personal friends, but I read yours when Brad links to it and I see it. I have studied disordered eating from a clinical perspective, but have not read about it from such a poignant human perspective. I have learned a great deal.

    I do have a question. What would you say to me, as a Dietitian that would better enable me to support clients who see their value through the lens of what they eat or don’t or how much they weigh?

    Thank you again for your authenticity and vulnerability. I hope you will continue to write about your journey!

    Blessings and shalom

    Joy (Erdile) Kiddie


  5. I really enjoy your blog, especially your most recent post. I’m also making a shift to be more ordinary. I have ms and it was beginning to make it difficult to do my old job. I quit and became a nanny to my nephew while my sister works. It’s worked out well for both of us and I love both him and my niece and I’m grateful for the opportunity to spend time with them and help my sister.

    Your last blog post really spoke to me, I’ve had many of the same back and forth conversations with myself and now as my niece prepares to go to kindergarten I find myself wondering how to reconcile what she will be taught in school that will be contrary to our beliefs and how do I address it. I believe in God and I believe in science, how do I have that conversation with her? Have you found it to be an issue at all? Any input would be appreciated.

    I always find myself saying Yesss! While reading your blog and I’m comforted and little in awe of your honesty and talent.


    • Dear Rachel,
      Thank you SO much for leaving a comment! I long to use this crazy cyberspace to connect with others in a deeper way and to feel like I am part of a dialogue, rather than a self-centred monologue. I especially want to thank you for being willing to make a comment even though my anonymous settings didn’t seem to be working (They are fixed now!!!!).

      I was absolutely floored to hear about your MS diagnosis! I’m sure the change in lifestyle has been quite dramatic and brought its own sense of loss. Please know that you are close to my heart, and that I will be praying for strength and perseverance!

      I’m looking forward to answering your question in my latest post! Interestingly, I’ve been wrestling with something VERY similar just today – so it’s very timely.


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