12 Days of Christmas Giving – Day 4


Today I am not doing the video myself, but sharing a video that was posted to my wall by a good friend of mine, when I asked people to share their inspirational stories about giving.

This video features children in Burundi, Africa, receiving their Christmas wrapped shoebox full of goodies, sent to them by a group called ‘Team Hope’ in Ireland.  The sheer joy and delight that they experience while opening the boxes is beautiful to behold, and serves as poignant reminder of just how much we really do have here in the west, and what it would feel like to receive something like this, when you have very little.

Take special note of the one boy who opens his box only to return the lid, and reopen the gift several times.  Each time his eyes dance with disbelief and his face beams with possibilities.  I couldn’t help but feel as though I was witnessing something sacred taking place – pure joy in something so small.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I have, and may it inspire many more Christmas boxes to be packed, and children’s smiles to be created!

Lalainia ❤



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