12 Days of Christmas (Giving) – Day 7


Our time is valuable.  But not always in the way that we think.  It is a gift that we are given.  And often it’s not spent wisely.  Perhaps we spend too much of it on work, on gadgets and devices, on television or movies.  Or maybe we spend it more abstractly – feeling envy, venting frustrations, harbouring guilt…  This year, I want to see my time as something that I can ‘spend’ with wisdom.  Something that makes a statement about who I am, and what my priorities are.  I want my children to share in the wealth of my time; I want my husband to feel rich with attention as I listen, and try to share the load of his burdens; I want my family and friends to always feel there is time to spare, to listen, to walk, to support, to share.

We have all been given the gift of time – where are you going to spend it?


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