12 Days of Christmas (Giving) – Day 12


This is IT!!! DAY 12!!!

I’m starting a giving revolution – JOIN ME!!!

Write below ‘I’m in!”

and I will send you something, A GIFT, A CARD, A KIND WORD, A COFFEE, A PET (okay, I WONT send a pet – I just wanted to make sure you were paying attention) at a random time this year.

I am looking for:

TWELVE people who will JOIN WITH ME

to ALSO choose TWELVE people to give to this year (one person a month) – that’s ALL!!!

Let’s start a GIVING REVOLUTION!!!!


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  1. I’m in 🙂 I replied on your fb page…but it was 5:30 in the morning, lol. So now I’m ‘totally’ IN, LOL 🙂 I love this and was just chatting with my mom about how I can give to someone in need for 1 year ❤ You Inspire me sista!! Hugs & love, xo

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