National Eating Disorders Awareness Week – Personal Hope


I don’t often talk about my eating disorder anymore.  It is genuinely a part of my past, my history.  However I am ALWAYS willing to share my story and offer hope to those who suffer.

An eating disorders greatest power is in silence, so let my message be LOUD and CLEAR: RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE!

I am offering messages of hope and encouragement this week to help bring awareness to these deadly diseases.

Join with me in the fight, reach out, share this video or any of the links I have shared in the description below the video.


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  1. Yes the voice in your heart was loud and mean, but you overcame him and replaced him with the voice of light and love! The voice of LOVE became much louder than the voice of your ED and soon it was silenced. LOVE TRIUMPHANT!


    • Yes – that was, unfortunately, such an extremely accurate portrayal of the Eating Disorder Voice (I had many diary/journal entries that I based him on)… it wasn’t originally supposed to be Brad (my husband) so that’s why we had to change the voice… otherwise, it would’ve been BRAD yelling at me! 🙂 NO thanks!


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