Eating Disorders Awareness Week – Becoming Ordinary Vlog – Day 4


What happens when our passion becomes a pre-occupation?  Or our pursuit of health becomes an obsession?

This year the slogan for NEDA’S Eating Disorders Awareness Week is: “I DIDN’T KNOW… get in the ‘know'”.   Personally, my own eating disorder began with pursuing healthy living, including exercise and diet.  However, the further down the path I tread the more obsessed I became with becoming more extreme in both.

That is why I believe in the motto: “Everything in moderation.”

Enjoy good food.  Enjoy healthy amounts of exercise.  And enjoy living.


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  1. Beeing bullied or called fat could lead to the wrong path I know by experience I tried every diet on the planet however I am now thinnest in my life and people call me skinny it was not by choice I am happy to be any shape or form beauty radiates from with in love you Lalainia

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    • Absolutely Esther! Being bullied and insulted often drives people on the quest to be thin and ‘acceptable’ but learning to love ourselves for who God created us to be – the size our BODIES want to be is really the only way to become healthy! And then it will most definitely radiate from within! Love you too!!! ❤


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