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Would the ‘Ordinary’ Lalainia, please stand up!





As I sit to reflect on the events of this past year, I can’t help but consider where I was a year ago.  I have the song “What a Difference A Day Makes” (crooned by the great Dinah Washington) echoing through the halls of my mind.  Of course my substituted lyric would be “What a Difference a YEAR Makes”; days have accumulated into months, and months into a year, and collectively, they have made a difference.  However, there were times during this past year where Read the rest of this entry


Becoming Ordinary 1st Anniversary Vlog Post (Question #1)


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Becoming Ordinary: Year 1 Day 4

What if God Was One of Us?


who is this man

I was raised in a Christian family.  The phrase “the love of God” is something that I have heard my whole life.  As a child, I seemed able to grasp this concept easily, without hesitation.  Of course there is a God, this world and all of us couldn’t have come from nothing!  And of course this God would love me – he MADE me!  The idea of coming from someone bigger than me, just made sense and the fact that He would love what he himself made seemed obvious.  However, as I grew up and encountered the realities and harshness of our world, this love started to feel distant, and to be brutally honest, like a bit of a fairytale. Read the rest of this entry